Composite and Synthetic Decking: What’s the difference?

If you’re considering getting a low-maintenance custom deck built, you may have come across composite and synthetic decking in your research. Most people understand the differences between composite decking, and wood decking, but you may have also stumbled across another type of product that’s often lumped in with the composite products; synthetic (or PVC) decking.

So what’s the difference between composite and synthetic decking? They’re both plastic aren’t they? Well, yes and no.  While both are plastic products that are low-maintenance, there are some differences.


Composite decking is a blend of wood and plastic, hence the reason why it’s called “composite.”  Some brands use other materials other than wood, but in most cases, wood is used, and it’s always a mixture of multiple materials in the board.

For this reason, Composite Deck boards are more dense, so they’re heavier making them a little bit harder to work with.  Most composites on the market tend to have a more plastic-like aesthetic to them and some can be prone to scratching, but at the end of the day, they will give the low-maintenance finish you’re looking for.

Synthetic (or PVC)

Synthetic Decking (or PVC Decking) has no organic material in it at all.  The boards are 100% plastic, specifically Polyvinyl Chloride as opposed to composites, which use a High Density Polyethylene plastic.

PVC products will give you better traction whether wet or dry, but can be more susceptible to denting if you were to drop anything heavy on your deck.  PVC Products such as TimberTech Azek have a lifetime structural warranty because there’s nothing organic to break down over time in them.


Both types of products are low-maintenance.  They just require a little bit of cleaning (sweeping, scrubbing, etc.).  In both cases, you’ll get similar warranties, but generally the PVCs will give you a lifetime warranty due to being made with no organic materials.  You’re going to find that composites have a lower price point than the PVCs, but both are great products.  Some Composite brands we use when we build our custom decks are TimberTech, MoistureSheild and Trex, and as for PVCs, we highly recommend TimberTech’s Azek product line.

If you have any questions about Composite and Synthetic decking,  or if you’re considering building a deck with these materials, feel free to contact us at (512) 522-DECK (3325) and request a consultation, or request a consultation by filling out our contact form.


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